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Q: Are all of these perfumes authentic/original?
A: Yes. if its proven fake, attach with your evidence, and we will give back your full amounts.

Q: How can you sell all of these perfumes below counter price?
A: We've got it directly from the supplier, from there, we can sell all below counter price. Furthermore, it is due to free from free sales tax, rent cost or other overhead cost that attributes to the counter price.

Q: How much is the postage?
A: Peninsular M'sia: RM5, S&S: RM7

Q: Do you provide postage service abroad?
A: Sorry, no, we are focus on domestic transaction in order to give the best service and hopefully up to your satisfaction.

Q: Do you do any swapping?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: Do you do COD?
A: Sorry no

Q: Do you have promotion? When?
A: Yes, we will, from time to time. Special reduction to our return n loyal customer.

Q: What if we want to buy in bulk? What will be the price? How long will it takes?
A: We will always give special reduction to any bulk transaction, especially if its for special events, wedding, gifts, hamper. the price will be depending on the quantity and the items. the period will also depending on the available of stocks, delivery method, and such other factors related. we will advise to inform us at least 3 weeks earlier.

Q: How will my items will be delivered?
A: all of the items comes with sealed box, and necessary wrapping to avoid any damage.

Q: Are the perfumes comes from display/damages/defect/recycle/tester items?
A: No. we are selling new perfumes. not from any defected batch.

Q: What are the differences between EDP and EDT perfumes?
A: Eau de parfum is a lot more concentrated and contains a higher percentage of oil in it. It is therefore stronger and longer lasting.
Eau de toilette contains a high percentage of water, in fact if you look at the ingredients on an eau de toilette bottle the first ingredient will invariably be aqua. The result is less strong and less long lasting.
However it even depends on the kind of skin you have. If you have oily skin a water based perfume would probably last longer because it gets absorbed by the skin, an oily perfume would not be absorbed by oily skin and would evaporate away. The opposite works out for dry skins.

Q: How long should i wait after i submit my order and payment?
A: it depends on our stock, but normally it takes us 3-5 days for you to receive the items.

Q: How long does 30ml, 50ml, 75ml and 100ml bottles of perfume last?
A: It really depends on how many times you spray. normally for everyday consumption,
30ml - 2 months
50ml - 4 months
75ml - 6 months
100ml - 8 months

Q: How long does the EDT and EDP last?
A: Normally EDP up to 10 hours, EDT up to 5 hours. but still depends on where u put it.

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